Friday, 5th May 2017

New Album "Beyond The Black Pyramid" released

We are very happy to release our new Album today, called "Beyond The Black Pyramid". Things get a little slower and darker. Prepare for over one hour of doom extravaganza!

During a really hot summer, we recorded this in three very productive days, while sweating under the merciless heat of the sun. To somewhat get out of the heat of the sun, we worked every day deep into the night, in order to cool off a little bit. Maybe this is why this record sounds a little different than our debut album - although our EP, which we released not too long ago, already made a few hints into a little change of mood.

This album has some mid-tempo riffing, but those are only temporary. It's doom. It's somewhat sludgy. It's slow. Very slow. The vocals are deep, harsh and haunting. The drums help you keep going and holding on to something, while you walk through this thick sandstorm, barely able to see your hand in front of you. All the while your head gets obscured by the bluesy riffs blasting through the air.

Basically: Turn up your stereo to 11, lean back in your favourite chair, and let your mind dissolve into the air by over one hour of heavy music.

If you enjoy yourself some viscous, sludgy doom, you can get a copy of the Album in physical or digital form on Bandcamp.

Additionally the wonderful people over at Black Bow Records distribute our music!
Furthermore the awesome artwork was done by Alex Eckman-Lawn! Check his stuff out!
Last, but not least, big thanks to DeepDeepPressure Studios for being a 10/10 recording location.

More information on the album, like the tracklist, can be found under Music.