Architect, 2021

The third TARLUNG album explores the dualism of man as builder and destroyer of worlds. Facing the existential void we all become the Architect of our misfortune. But from all our failures we still might rise.

After collaborating with three different labels on the last two releases, TARLUNG go for a 100% DIY approach on the third album "Architect".

"Architect" was recorded within a 5 day session at the DDP studios (Braunau, Austria), once again by sound engineer Lukas Haidinger. This time the intention was to get a more refined and richer sounding record while still retaining the raw power TARLUNG is known for.

Throughout the whole writing process, a bigger emphasis was put on the arrangement of the songs. While still remaining decisively sludgy, TARLUNG's focus is on melody and diversity: There’s more lead parts, but also more noise. More driving Stoner Rock, but also more bleak skeletal Hardcore. More upbeat elements, but also more despair and darkness.

"Architect“ is a meditation on rise and fall, grandiosity and misery. It is about exploring the boundaries of Sludge – while staying 100% true to the low-end growl vocal style, and the dedication to absolute heaviness.

Get your limited clear-colored vinyl today on Bandcamp. Of course also available digitally.

All songs written and performed by TarLung.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at DeepDeepPressure Studios.
Cover Artwork by Alex Eckman-Lawn.
Layout by Marian Waibl.

"Architect" was kindly co-funded by SKE – Kunst- und Kulturförderung der Austromechana.


  1. Infinity
  2. Widow's Bane
  3. Weight Of Gravity
  4. Unthinkable
  5. Horses Of Plague
  6. Architect

Running time: 40:11


The album was streamable exclusively before official release at Doomed & Stoned. You can also find an interview with us over there by Silvi Pearl.

Looking back at their discography, it seems I’ve been a fan of Austrian doomers TARLUNG from the beginning. [...] Heads are bobbing as guitars and drums establish a pleasing stoner rhythm. No bass to be found here, folks, just two axemen and a percussionist, and that’s been quite enough for the band for almost a decade now. When vocals converge with this bouncy tempo, it’s not to sing about taking the sweetheart out for a Saturday night drive 'neath the setting sun. No, we’ve got the immensity of time, space, matter (and antimatter!) on the brain tonight, baby.
Doomed & Stoned (US)

The Tarlung of 2021 is a darker, leaner beast. You may think that this means that the stoner elements have been sacrificed, but that’s not actually the case. Instead, the same stoner/sludge/doom ingredients are all present, but Tarlung have learned to bake with them in different ways. [...] A recommended listen.
Wonderbox Metal (UK)

[Translated from german] Furious pressure from the first second, monolithic drums, sawing guitar walls and a wonderful balance between melodic tones and the approaching apocalypse provide entertainment. The long maturation period has paid off: TarLung have climbed the next level of sludge.
Demonic Nights (DE)

It's the world of sludge that I don't think that I can get enough of. [...] "Architect" could very well be an architect of a different type; that which will build the pedastal for TarLung to stand tall and proud on upon its release.
Head-Banger Reviews (US)

[...] on their latest album "Architect" they serve up those emotions and feelings on a platter of metallic groove so heavy it would take a forklift to get it to a table. [...] it is those moments combined with the bands downtuned doomic dynamics that make "Architect" TarLung's finest achievement to date.
Desert Psychlist (US)

Architect feels and sounds like an "Adventure" and if you're on the lookout for a bleaker style of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal with "Highly Atmospheric" themes then TarLung will have something to say to you.
Outlaws Of The Sun (US)

TarLung manage to find a place in stoner sludge that isn’t just Bongzilla worship, or Bongripper worship, or Bong worship. I’m not sure it’s worship at all, frankly, and I like that about it as the closing title-track slow-moshes my brain into goo.
The Obelisk (US)

TarLung from Austria have returned with some heavy as fuck sludge. There is a more blues foundation to this album than previous releases and it suites them perfectly.

[Translated from french] TarLung manage to give an abysmal depth to "Architect" on six hypnotic and addictive tracks. A stunning and solid performance.

Rock'n Force

TarLung/KRPL - Split EP, March 2021

Abrasive sludge meets heavy instrumental noise rock. Two tracks per band, runtime approx. 16 minutes. Released digitally and on dark orange vinyl, 12", 45 rpm.

You can get your own copy of this beautifuly orange vinyl on Bandcamp. Comes with a free download-code for the digital variant.

All songs on "TarLung-Side" written and performed by TarLung.
TarLung songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at DeepDeepPressure Studios.
Also distributed by Kerberos Records.
Layout by Marian Waibl.


  1. TarLung - Into Shards
  2. TarLung - Deceit
  3. KRPL - Konkurs
  4. KRPL - Grapefruiting

Beyond The Black Pyramid, 2017

The second full length album from TarLung features a more monumental approach: Heavier and more diverse, while maintaining the grit, fuzz and rawness of the earlier recordings.

It's doom. It's somewhat sludgy. It's slow. Very slow. The vocals are deep, harsh and haunting. The drums help you keep going and holding on to something, while you walk through this thick sandstorm, barely able to see your hand in front of you. All the while your head gets obscured by the bluesy riffs blasting through the air.

In short: Turn up your stereo to 11, lean back in your favourite chair, and let your mind dissolve into the air by over one hour of heavy music.

If you enjoy yourself some viscous, sludgy doom, you can get the Album in physical or digital form at Bandcamp.

All songs written and performed by TarLung.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at DeepDeepPressure Studios.
Cover Artwork by Alex Eckman-Lawn.
Tape edition by Harmacy Records.
Also distributed by Black Bow Records.
Layout by Marian Waibl.
Band Photo by Gabriel Macher.


  1. It Waits In The Dark
  2. Dying Of The Light
  3. Mud Town
  4. Kings And Graves
  5. The Prime Of Your Existence
  6. Resignation
  7. Born Dead
  8. Beyond The Black Pyramid
  9. Karma

Running time: 01:06:43.


The last song "Karma" just grabs a hold of us. The track contains some very impressive guitar work and the rhythm is second to none making this one sludge song of the year.

This sense of warring sides of the band, with the airier nature of the stoner influences holding back the doom/sludge ones, is somewhat of a defining nature of TarLung's music. Of course, the negativity certainly wins many battles over the course of the playing time, sometimes swamping things entirely, but overall it’s deadlock; this fine balance probably goes a long way towards explaining why Beyond the Black Pyramid is so enjoyable.
Wonderbox Metal (UK)

[...] a noteworthy progression in sound from the Southern-style sludge previously on offer, more atmospheric and richer on the whole in terms of tone. As someone who digs the occasional blend of fuzz and gurgle, it's kind of hard not to be charmed by what TarLung are doing.
The Obelisk (US)

"Beyond the Black Pyramid" is the new act of a band totally ignored by me until then, but that made me open my ears to new options within the genre. What a fucking band that TarLung!
Metal La Nata (BR)

A discovery...wonderful work. "Beyond The Black Pyramid" is highly recommended.
Aristocrazia (IT)

TarLung has another enthusiast!
Wings Of Death (NL)

Void EP, 2016

Featuring four rather bluesy takes from the Pyramid recording session, this release was a teaser for the upcoming second album.

We have a few cassettes of this EP, ready to be enjoyed. Check out Bandcamp for more information.

All songs written and performed by TarLung.
Self released on tape and bandcamp.
Recorded and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at DeepDeepPressure Studios.
Layout by Marian Waibl.


  1. Demon Sugar Blues
  2. Void
  3. Canis Majoris
  4. Under A Leaden Sky

Running time: 25:12


TarLung can do no wrong, we have been very impressed with their first two releases and we look forward to their new album. So, if you get the urge to dive into some sludge, make sure you go down with TarLung.

Now, this down-tuned, amp worshipping blues machine is back with more of that swampy southern soup, and "Void" is simmering with hurt and vengeance. If you had any doubts about pressing play on this one, well, how can you say no to a song titled, "Demon Sugar Blues"? You’ll be in the sway of its swagger in no time. A friend of mine tipped me off to this one, and I swear I could not. stop. listening.
Doomed & Stoned (US)

Chi primo arriva meglio alloggia, quindi non perdete tempo e fiondatevi all'acquisto di "Void". Nello stereo e in collezione farà di certo la sua porca figura.
Aristocrazia (IT)

Self Titled, 2014

A raw and dirty debut album, recorded only 6 months after TarLung was formed.

Check out Bandcamp to download it for free or at a price you decide. You can also listen to it on SoundCloud and YouTube

We have a very limited amount of physical copies of this Album in a nice looking CD-DigiPak. If you want to be a proud owner of one of these Copies, please contact us.

All songs written and performed by TarLung.
Self released on CD and bandcamp.
Recorded and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at DeepDeepPressure Studios.
Lung artwork by Gabriel Pürstinger.
Logo, CD-Design and Layout by Marian Waibl.


  1. Earth's Hunger
  2. Mountain King
  3. Last Breath
  4. C2
  5. Apeplanet
  6. Black Forrest
  7. Space Caravan

Running time: 44:30.


[...] it's a fucking blast from start to finish that will go down a storm with the Doom/Sludge/ Stoner Metal community. I have a feeling that TarLung will be a name to look out for in the next few years. As this is a thrilling and highly confident debut album that oozes class.
The Sludgelord (US)

TarLung are a pleasant surprise...if you're seeking out something new and fresh within this genre, these guys will fill that void.
Rotation11 - Also "Album of the month" October 2015

TarLung encapsulates the sound of waking up after a month long binge; fingers are nicotine yellow, hair is matted beyond belief, and there is persistent odour of stale alcohol; dank resin; and assorted undefinable chemicals. It's fuzzed out and upbeat without necessarily being bright. It's the sound of existence being restarted; it moves along as fast as it needs to, but it fights every step. It comes awfully close to sludge, but is still absolutely doom.
Metalshopped (IT) - Also listed in "best self-released titled for 2014"

[...] Pepper Keenan-style Southern riffing, on Last Breath particularly, but the bulk of what they and drummer Marian Waibl get up to on these seven tracks is rawer and nastier [...]
The Obelisk (US)

Definitiv ein Debütalbum, das beweist, dass am Ende des stilistischen Regenbogens doch ab und zu ein Topf Gold steht, aus dem man Bans wie TarLung fischt.
Slamzine (DE)

Un’entità cresce tra i boschi delle montagne austriache, avvolte dalla nebbia che avanza all’imbrunire, lenta ma inesorabile, stringendo in un abbraccio gelido la natura sottostante.
In Your Eyes E-Zine (IT)

Ebbene sì: i TarLung ne sono l'ennesima piacevole dimostrazione.
Aristocrazia (IT)