Monday, 15th February 2021

New vinyl split EP coming

Hello everyone! It's been pretty quiet for some time - but that's probably the case for most people right now. However, we're glad to announce a new upcoming release.

We've made a Split EP with our friends from KRPL! This EP will be available in beautiful orange vinyl and of course digitally (available on Bandcamp). It features two songs from us and two songs from KRPL. Expect some heavy riffing and deep growls.

We should be able to start putting it on Bandcamp relatively soon. Currently we're waiting for the vinyls to be all manufactured and some other adminsitrative tasks that still need to be taken care of. Everything should be ready at the beginning of march. Be sure to visit our Bandcamp page, so that you won't miss the release and your chance to get one of those beautiful orange vinyls! May the EP give you some joy in these times.

See you soon. Let's hope, that we can start gigging again at some time and play music.