TarLung - Beyond The Black Pyramid

During a really hot summer, we recorded this in three very productive days, while sweating under the merciless heat of the sun. To somewhat get out of the heat of the sun, we worked every day deep into the night, in order to cool off a little bit. Maybe this is why this record sounds a little different than our debut album - although our EP, which we released not too long ago, already made a few hints into a little change of mood.

This album has some mid-tempo riffing, but those are only temporary. It's doom. It's somewhat sludgy. It's slow. Very slow. The vocals are deep, harsh and haunting. The drums help you keep going and holding on to something, while you walk through this thick sandstorm, barely able to see your hand in front of you. All the while your head gets obscured by the bluesy riffs blasting through the air.

Basically: Turn up your stereo to 11, lean back in your favourite chair, and let your mind dissolve into the air by over one hour of heavy music.

If you enjoy yourself some viscous, sludgy doom, you can get the Album in physical or digital form at Bandcamp.

Also distributed by the wonderful people at Black Bow Records.

All songs written and performed by TarLung.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at DeepDeepPressure Studios.
Artwork by Alex Eckman-Lawn.
Layout by Marian Waibl.
Band Photo by Gabriel Macher.


  1. It Waits In The Dark 01:50
  2. Dying Of The Light 08:17
  3. Mud Town 06:28
  4. Kings And Graves 09:47
  5. The Prime Of Your Existence 10:57
  6. Resignation 04:03
  7. Born Dead 09:14
  8. Beyond The Black Pyramid 07:29
  9. Karma 08:21


[...] Final thoughts on Beyond the Black Pyramid:
TarLung have yet released an album that let us down. They have become a go-to band when we want our sludge rock fix. Just visit their Bandcamp page and get the entire catalogue.


Although Beyond the Black Pyramid is undoubtedly full of misery, negativity, emotional hardship, and dark emotions, this is actually an album that uses light and shade well across its playing time. These tracks aren’t one-dimensional hate-fests, and instead have moments of brightness and levity sewn into the riffs, presumably by a rogue surgeon of some sort who couldn’t handle something that at its very core probably wants to be quite unrelentingly bleak.


I very much enjoyed this, and Beyond the Black Pyramid is a strong album with a lot to offer.

Wonderbox Metal

If you heard the first record, the new one is a noteworthy progression in sound from the Southern-style sludge previously on offer, more atmospheric and richer on the whole in terms of tone. As someone who digs the occasional blend of fuzz and gurgle, it’s kind of hard not to be charmed by what TarLung are doing. Again, I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s a good time from where I sit.

The Obelisk

[Translated from portuguese] "Beyond the Black Pyramid" is the new act of a band totally ignored by me until then, but that made me open my ears to new options within the genre. What a fucking band that TarLung!

[Original] "Beyond the Black Pyramid" é o novo ato de uma banda totalmente ignorada por mim até então, mas que me fez abrir os ouvidos para novas opções dentro do gênero. Que puta banda esse TarLung!

Metal La Nata

TarLung - Void EP

The self produced "Void" EP features four tracks of pummeling Doom/Sludge, marking the transition between our self titled debut album and the upcoming sophomore full length release.

We have a few cassettes of this EP, ready to be enjoyed. Check out our Bandcamp Page for more information.

All songs written and performed by TarLung.
Recorded and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at DeepDeepPressure Studios.
Layout by Marian Waibl.


  1. Demon Sugar Blues 05:03
  2. Void 06:08
  3. Canis Majoris 07:05
  4. Under A Leaden Sky 06:48


What we have come to love about Tarlung is their ability to incorporate a foundation of blues into their sludge-filled music. If you’re a fan of the doom/sludge genre than prepare to be sucked into the drudgery void of Tarlung.


Now, this down-tuned, amp worshipping blues machine is back with more of that swampy southern soup, and "Void" is simmering with hurt and vengeance. If you had any doubts about pressing play on this one, well, how can you say no to a song titled, "Demon Sugar Blues"? You'll be in the sway of its swagger in no time.

Doomed & Stoned

Chi primo arriva meglio alloggia, quindi non perdete tempo e fiondatevi all'acquisto di "Void". Nello stereo e in collezione farà di certo la sua porca figura.


TarLung - TarLung

This is our first album.
Check out our Bandcamp-Page to download it for free or at a price you decide. You can also listen to it on SoundCloud and YouTube

We have a very limited amount of physical copies of this Album in a nice looking CD-DigiPak. If you want to be a proud owner of one of these Copies, please contact us.

All songs written and performed by TarLung.
Recorded and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at DeepDeepPressure Studios.
Lung artwork by Gabriel Pürstinger.
Logo, CD-Design and Layout by Marian Waibl.


  1. Earth's Hunger 03:55
  2. Mountain King 03:55
  3. Last Breath 04:23
  4. C2 04:37
  5. Apeplanet 05:19
  6. Black Forrest 05:19
  7. Space Caravan 05:56


"It's nasty, violent and creepy which makes for a better experience as TarLung pile on the heavy riffs for you to survive from."
The Sludgelord

It’s the sound of existence being restarted.

Also part of metalshopped's:
Best Self-Released Titles for 2014

[...] Pepper Keenan-style Southern riffing, on Last Breath particularly, but the bulk of what they and drummer Marian Waibl get up to on these seven tracks is rawer and nastier [...]
The Obelisk

So, if you’re seeking out something new and fresh within this genre, these guys will fill that void.

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Definitiv ein Debütalbum, das beweist, dass am Ende des stilistischen Regenbogens doch ab und zu ein Topf Gold steht, aus dem man Bans wie TarLung fischt.


Ebbene sì: i TarLung ne sono l'ennesima piacevole dimostrazione.


Un’entità cresce tra i boschi delle montagne austriache, avvolte dalla nebbia che avanza all’imbrunire, lenta ma inesorabile, stringendo in un abbraccio gelido la natura sottostante.

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